Know that feeling you get when you accelerate, shift, and decelerate?  One of those feelings is the engine torqueing back and forth and results in some drive-line lash.  Not good from a performance oriented stand point.  You want to have as much positive feedback in the car as possible and one of the ways to eliminate some slop is to install APR's engine snub mount. Shifting the car feels better and so does acceleration and deceleration, especially when you have periods of  rapid decel/acceleration.  Some 1.8 owners have complained about excess vibration at idle after installing the mount, but all issues have been resolved with proper positioning of the mount.  Other 2.8 owners that have this mount have also highly recommended it.  2.8 PES owners should definitely be interested in running this mount.  I highly recommend it, especially on cars with higher HP.  It keeps the engine more in check and gets rid of a majority of that jerky feeling in the engine bay.

    One note on the install, it is relatively easy IF you have the proper tools.  To get the snub mount on the car, it is best done if you put a little petroleum jelly on the snub mount.  Use a large pair of channel locks to grab the front end core support to pull the snub mount on it's housing.  You should be able to grab somewhere on or around the oil pan and the core.  It goes on really easy if you follow that method.

Click here for INSTALLATION instructions.