Well before I purchased my A4 I fell in love with the pictures of A4s that were modified with spoilers.  I also really liked the look of the M3 with a rear spoiler.  So I knew I had to get one for the car.  After looking at ads, I decided on the LLTek Type M spoiler.  The only thing I wish is that if I had to do it over again, would be to get a spoiler that has a little bit of a lower profile.  This one is sits about 10-15mm higher than I'd like, other than that I'm really pleased with it. It came painted, and it matched the factory job perfectly.  Install wasn't too bad. You want to be VERY careful as you have to drill a few small holes through the trunk lid to mount the spoiler. 

     There isn't much to say about the stock A4 grille other than it is boring and doesn't look as "sporty" as others.  I originally thought I wanted the Kamei sport grille, but after seeing it in person, I realized it just didn't look as good on the car as I thought it did.  I didn't like the hole in the middle of the grille.  The S4 grille looked better than the A4 grille, but it wasn't until the RS4 grille came out, then I really fell in love.  IMHO it really added some character to the car.  Affixing the quattro badge was made easy with the use of a dremel and few black tie straps.  I changed the matt-finish aluminum trim around it out for the chrome trim that came off my stock grille.  That way I had matching trim all the way around the car and it would be more uniform looking.