Running at the track, the V6 30v engine gets particularly warm.  It doesn't get where it would overheat, I am just not comfortable of extended periods of driving while my oil temp sits around 260F.  Driving in track events in Texas doesn't help either.  Even on our HOT (read 100F+) days, with the AC on and cruising the highway at decent clip, the car will get up to 240-245ish.  Having cooler oil was definitely something I wanted, especially running the supercharger on an engine originally setup to be normally aspirated.  The cooler oil will make everything cooler.  Engine won't be as hot, therefore intake charge will be less prone to be heated as much.  A cooler engine will yield more consistent levels of power, and be less prone to retard timing under hot weather conditions.  Not to mention cool down time after track sessions is lessened.  In most regards a cooler engine is a happier engine :) 

The Install

   The install is fairly easy, only takes about 1 hour.  Getting the front bumper off the car only takes about 5 minutes and then the job is cake.  The brackets for the cooler bolt to the AC condenser brackets.  There is plenty of extra material on these brackets to safely and securely bolt it to there so it made logical sense to use them.  Running the hoses was easy, just make sure you use the rubber hose in any place where it look like it might rub against something else; you wouldn't want oil lines bursting.  The oil sandwich adapter just screws in line with the factory oil filter.  Just make sure to tighten all connection securely before starting the engine and check for leaks right after starting the engine.  

I like the cooler setup because it sits directly in the front of the car right in the line of direct air flow.  It also fits right behind the stock bumper.  It only required a tiny bit of trimming on a plastic tab on the inside of the bumper that is of no consequence.  When you do oil changes, you don't need to flush the oil from the cooler unless you are really motivated.  The Audi 5000 Turbo that had an oil cooler also didn't get drained by design.  Since the cooler doesn't hold a lot of oil (less than half of a quart) it is of no concern. Good enough for Audi, good enough for me. The car now runs about 20 degrees cooler, even at the track

Upper shot of oil cooler with hood up

Oil sandwich adapter

Front shot of bumper showing oil cooler