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The NEW & IMPROVED G2 kit from PES

    First, let me start by saying, if you have been holding out on getting this kit because of the issues reported in the past, well hold out no longer!  PES has really delivered here.  The fit is even better than the first generation kit (G1).  A custom intake manifold has been manufactured to bolt the SC directly into the intake.  They did an EXTREMELY high quality and a superb job on the design/manufacturing of this piece.  I suggest pointing your web browser here if you want to see how it was made.  
    The new kit eliminates 95% of the noise the G1 had.  It doesn't sound any louder than an S4 with an intake.  There is a slight whine under WOT and it sounds cool.  G2 also retains the stock air box so you have cooler air for your intake.  The engine management software also has been refined (GIAC) for better air/fuel delivery.  The rich running condition G1 had in the past is nowhere even near what G2 is like.  G2 still does run a smidge on the rich side, but I'm not blowing black smoke anymore like I had been under WOT.  The drivability of the car is the same as G1 with the exception that it does feel a bit quicker off the line and top end seems to pull better from 80-130mph.  The oil recirculation/blow by is now reverted back to stock configuration so the engine doesn't have a chance at losing any oil.

290+ Hp!!

  Quite possibly one of the coolest things about this kit is the custom intake manifold.  A true piece of machinist art, it could easily pass for a factory OEM piece.  The runners have been cast near smooth already and the fuel injector holes are machined to such exact precision, this piece is really extraordinary.  It bolts on to the engine perfectly.  The guys at PES really deserve a pat on the back for this intake manifold design. The supercharger used in the kit is an Eaton roots type blower.   If you'd like to read more about the supercharger itself, point your browser here.

250+ lb/ft!!

Want to see the car at the track? Video here!
I got video footage of my car courtesy of Pete Haas.  His car is a Stage 2+ 1.8 and is following me around TWS for 1 lap.



Download the INSTALL guide here

     Directions came with a CD-Rom this time as well as a black and white printed manual.  I printed the color pictures from the CD to use for my install, it made life easier.  The install takes about 8 hours with some assistance from a friend.  There are a few times when someone else is needed i.e. tightening/loosening the power steering pump bolts and putting the new bracket on the power steering pump.  If you try to do this alone, I recommend having someone that can stop on by and help you out with those tasks.  
      Installation was pretty much straight forward.  Everything was pretty easy with the exception of the power steering bracket change and the idler pulley.  There are a few areas you should be careful to watch out for that the manual doesn't mention.
     1st Area -- The power steering pump hose gets replaced with different VW/Audi one.  It has a bend and it loops around.  The thing to watch out for is when you re-assemble it, that the hose is not kinked prohibiting PS fluid to the pump.  
     2nd Area -- When removing the stock intake manifold, try to lift up as straight as possible.  There are 2 nylon aligning pins that are screwed into the block.  Both of mine snapped off when I pulled mine off.  This isn't a problem except for the one on the driver's side of the engine.  The PES intake requires a bolt to run through there.  If this happens, do what I did, and drill it out.  The trick though is to have a friend run a vacuum while you drill at SLOW speed to get it out.  If you go fast it won't get you a good result and you have a chance at damaging the threads in the hole.  
     3rd Area -- The manual does mention to not let anything fall in the intake ports when you remove the manifold.  But there was so much dust and grit built up around the holes that I used a vacuum and sucked it all up before I went to install the new one.  I was even extra pre-cautious and stuck my vacuum hose down the intake port to suck anything that might have gotten in there out.  
     4th Area -- The plastic crossover/crank case vent hose.  It's made out of BRITTLE plastic.  It's also a royal pain to get it come off it's fittings.  I cracked it accidentally.  It's cheap to replace, but this hose has very little flex and play to it.  Be extremely cautious.  If you do snap it, others have successfully repaired it with common heater hose.  About 5/8" should work.  Just slip it over the hose and clamp it down with some hose clamps


     This kit develops 7.5-8 lbs of boost as opposed to G1 which had about 6 lbs.   I am really impressed with the 80-130mph acceleration in 5th gear.  At 130mph, the engine still had plenty of steam to keep going.  Too bad I don't have better gearing in this car or I'm sure I could hit 170mph in it.  What's nice is the car is so well behaved, you can take a date out in it, but then really let loose when you need to.  I find I need to let loose more often now ;)   At the time of this install, I have 37,000 miles on the car.  I put over 20,000 miles on the car with G1. My car now has over 80,000 miles on it as of 9-25-03.

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     PES has issued some slight updates to G2, and only for the better.  The kit is now coming with a Gator-Back serpentine belt.  It has some more grab on the pulleys.  Some people had slight issues with the belt not gripping the power steering pulley strong enough and it would slip.  They also added another tensioner pulley to put more force on the belt for the same reason.  The supercharger now has a slightly larger pulley to effectively reduce boost down to 7.5 lbs.  10.5 was what it was prior, a bit higher than what they had wanted on the engine.  That level of boost is pretty high for a normally aspirated engine without an intercooler.  
    -07/21/01 - A revised chip has been released.  The best to date.  This software update uses the stock fuel pressure regulator instead of the rising rate one originally included in the kit.  The issue with the rising rate FPR was that between shifts, you would lose boost pressure and also lose pressure to the FPR.  When you finish shifting, and slam back on the throttle again, there is a hesitation slightly in the power because the car isn't getting the fuel it needs.  The stock FPR maintains the same amount of fuel through all ranges of vacuum to full boost so you don't have that problem.  Between shifts now, the hesitation is eliminated.  Initially I'd say this is the most powerful smoothest chip to date.  They were able to tweak the fuel and timings maps to run a bit more timing now so the car has some more power.  I'm loving my car all over again now.  If you haven't updated your software yet, do it now!  It really makes a good difference.
    -04/10/02 - I now have 65,000 miles on the car and it is still running like a champ.  Make sure to check the supercharger oil every 6000 miles and top it up if you haven't been.  Mine recently was a little low and I have no apparent signs of leaks or seepage.  I'm sure it consumes some oil as it runs.  The oil you can get either from a Ford or GM dealer.  They use Eaton superchargers on some of their cars so the oil is the same stuff, just doesn't say Eaton on it.  
    -05/10/02 - It's time for me to replace my serpentine belt.  I found the belt at a local auto parts store.  If you go to and go to gatorback belts, then click on dealer locator you should be able to find one in your area.   The PART # is 4060775 (6PK1970) and shows routing for for a Ford 3.8 and GM 3.4, costs about $30.  
    -01/10/03 - New Software available.  More than likely you will need to have them send you a new encryption module in addition to the EEPROM so it will work.  It has bumped idle up about 100 RPM, and added a few degrees of timing, and ~10% more fuel above 4000 RPM.  The idle is the main reason I wanted this chip.  A few people had some problems before where the car could stall when coming down to an idle because it would dip to low.  Not a big deal, just an annoyance.  This fixed that for me.  

Supercharger Oil Part Numbers

Ford E9SZ-19577-A


Please email me if you feel I left important information out of the G2 setup.  I will get it to you.

If you care to read about the G1 kit, please click here.  There are only a couple people that still have this kit.