If you are a driving enthusiast, you will appreciate a shorter shifter in the A4.  When I purchased, there were only 2 on the market, UUC and Neuspeed's.  I chose UUC's because the Neuspeed shifter has a shorter shaft. The shift knob is lowered a bit  from the stock height and I did not want that. After trying them both, they feel pretty much the same though.  The stock shifter is a tad bit sloppy, and changing the shifter definitely crispened up the shifts to give a more positive feel.  There really isn't too much else to really report about on this mod.  Just do it, it makes the car feel better. If you have the push-down style for reverse and want a bit more positive feedback, take out the spring in the shifter housing and replace it with a stiffer one.  I dropped one in that was available at my local Home Depot.

Here you can see the UUC shifter on the left.  The one depicted is for the S4 because it has 3 different setting for adjustability.  The A4 one is designed pretty much the same except no adjustments.  The picture on the right is the stock shifter getting ready to be removed.