Freeware Pocket PC VAG Diagnostic application

      Vag-Check is a freeware (for the time being anyway) application that is available at   It does a lot of the same things as VW-Tool/Vag-COM, but isn't as sophisticated or complete.  It lacks on some of the more advanced data logging, etc.  But I think it has it's nitch out there & I use it.  You need a PocketPC to use this application.  Pocket PC's have become increasingly cheap, had for under $200-150.  So factor in that, the cost of some cables, and you have a reasonably priced scan tool.  
    It does most of the basic functions most standard users require.  It'll clear fault codes, do recoding; read measuring blocks, etc.  It's very handy to carry around a PocketPC to check codes etc.  It takes literally a second to turn on, and you can start pulling codes.  Compare that to a laptop that is much bigger and bulkier, and requires a longer boot up time, the PocketPC shines for portability and speediness.  

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    At present time, VAG-Check comes released with just 3 modules you can access.  Engine, Instruments, HVAC are included, but you can add more.  The way to add more modules is open the Menu file by using file explorer and navigate to Vag-Check, then the "data" folder.  Once there, scroll down a bit and you will see



and so on....

What you can do to add other modules is use either use this template I figured out for you (listed below), or manually figure them out.  



Text=Central Locks

Now to manually figure them out, you'll need to know what VAG channel you are trying for, and you'll also need to convert hexadecimal #s to decimal #s.  
This is easy though.  VAG-Check is written with decimal code, while most other apps are written in hexadecimal, thus the need for conversion.  
Pull up your windows calculator and put it in Hex mode.  Punch in the # of the module you want, then switch the button to Dec and you will have the decimal equivalent.
So for example, Central Locks is module # 35.  Put 35 in Hex mode, hit Dec, then it'll spit out 53.  So in Vag-Check you would need to set the address to 53 in the menu to access central locks.

Also, keep in mind the fault code database was all manually entered by the author.  So more than likely it won't have the text for the fault codes for other modules.  It will display just the DTC #.  You'll have to have a Bentley manual or something to figure out what that DTC is.  It looks like the other files in the "data" folder will allow you to also modify the fault code database, so you can add in the other values if you like.

Software Settings

Under Tools there are settings for the serial connection, Char Interval and Block Interval.  Alfredo (the author) states : "If you decrease these values, it should speed up your connection, but the application could become unstable.  Char bit rate is the wait time between transmission of a character and next, block rate is the time wait from a packet received and its response."

Hardware Issues


I have no direct affiliation with the author or his product, other than I'm a user of his software.