I have always wanted to run wider tires on my car, but due to body constraints, they would not fit without rubbing.  I run a 18 x 8.5 BBS RXII wheel with 235/40/18 tires on the car now thanks to the fender rolling.  In the past, 225 was the widest I could run without the tires rubbing the fender lip.  Well, no more!  This fender roller was a breeze to use.  Bolted straight up to the hub as shown here, and had easy to adjust arm length and roller angle adjustment.  Once it place, it was easy to adjust pressure a little at a time and roll it back and forth in conjunction with a heat gun to roll the fender lip.  So far I have yet to need to roll the rears, they haven't rubbed yet.  I plan on trimming the plastic fender liner back a little now as well since it is no longer bolted to the fender.  In some shots here you can see how it can kind of hangs down just a bit.  I will also use this on my UR-Q in the future when that car is finished.
DSCN0013.JPG (1097947 bytes) DSCN0012.JPG (1060703 bytes)
I'll be taking some better shots when time allows. You can basically see what it looks like from start to finish here.

I will NOT be taking new requests for the rental of this tool at this time.  I apologize but demand has gotten out of control.  The problem is the turn around time.  3 weeks is usually chewed up with shipping back/forth and time to use the tool.  You can see with a few names, the list gets back logged quick and LONG.  So if you are on the list, you still are.  If you want to be on the waiting list, sorry.   Wait till this message is gone.  Check back next year.  Otherwise, you can buy your own new one and have it in a week or so.  


Or purchase one of your very own!  They are 490$ plus s&h.  Just email me!

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I decided to rent this tool out for a few reasons. #1, It cost a fair bit of money and I didn't need but it for 2 cars.  So I figured I'd try to recoup some of the cost, and #2, no one seems to have access to one that easily ... so I figured I'd help out my fellow car enthusiasts. :)

The package will consist of: 1 - fender roller, 1 - Milwaukee heat gun, 5 - factory lug nuts (sometimes aftermarket ones are too long)

Rental details are as follows:

  1. The rental cost is $50 plus shipping to and from me. (In most cases shipping is $20 both directions for ground)  

  2. Rental period is for 5 days.
    Example; UPS delivers the package on Monday, so Tuesday would start day 1. After your 5th day, the package must be sent back to me along with an email containing the tracking # as proof. If you are late in returning it, a $10/day fee will be charged until it is shipped back to me.

  3. A $500 refundable deposit is placed on your Visa/MC when the tool is rented out. I will refund the $500 less the cost of shipping the tool and the rental fee when it is returned in good order.

  4. If signs of negligence, misuse or damage (whether intentional or not) is done to the equipment, the rentee will pay for repair/replacement of tool(s) damaged. I doubt anything like this should ever happen, but if it does, please let me know.

  5. Ship the package insured back to me so we don't have to argue bullet point #4 and anything else.

  6. Please return the tool in the same box it was sent out with the same packing materials where possible. If UPS damages it in shipment, not to worry, that's why you shipped it insured (as stated in #5) :)

  7. I assume no liability in damages, whether accidental or not, to you or your vehicle(s). The rentee assumes all risk involved in using such device.

  8. Please read directions for use below, it will help you in doing a good job.

  9. I will NOT guarantee you will receive the tool any particular date.  Don't even bother asking.  It's first come first serve.  

  10. There is usually a wait list for the tool.  I do no advertising or make mention of it anywhere but surprisingly people come from all over to rent it.  Don't expect to get it in 2 weeks.  The shortest I've had the list is about 4 people, usually around 8-12 long.  

Directions for use:

  • Attach fender roller to wheel hub

  • Adjust length of arm so inner fender lip is in the middle of the fender roller wheel

  • Adjust tilt angle of fender roller wheel to meet inner fender lip

  • Adjust fender roller to lightly apply pressure onto inner fender lip.

  • Manually swing fender roller left and right several times against the inner fender lip. Readjust roller pressure occasionally until desired results are achieved.

  • Use of heat gun is highly recommended to prevent/reduce cracking of paint.  I used setting #10 and kept the gun moving around to keep the metal hot but not too hot to crack or burn the paint.  Please pay attention in what you are doing.

  • READ THIS AND FOLLOW IT AS WELL  When attaching the tool to the hub, make sure you use included dished washers between the lug/nut and the tool.  If you do NOT, you will damage the face of the tool and be penalized for any repair cost in repairing the face of the tool.  The washers come on the handle of the tool.  One end of the handle unscrews so you can remove them.

  • Other important note.  Things I have encountered in doing jobs.  Don't get the paint too hot.  Hot enough to the touch should be adequate.  Too hot and you can crack the clear coat that way.

  • If you own the new generation Audi S4, the fender lip is not perfectly straight on the front.  There is a recess in the arch of the lip.  When rolling take extra caution to go SLOW.  If you go fast, the roller is going to follow the lip surface, and when it hits that recess it will make a sharp movement in the metal and can cause the paint to crack.  I haven't seen this recess on the A4 yet, just on the S4.

  • Also, the A4/S4 has the plastic fender liner screwed to the fender lip in one spot.  Remove the screw and use dremel cutting wheel to cut the metal back so it is flush with the fender lip.  It should be really apparent, but if you get stuck and don't see what I'm talking about, email me.

Now, if you agree to all the above terms, please send me an email at randrews@sbcglobal.net and let me know. The fender roller is available First Come First Serve.