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9) ABS pump


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2) Misc interior bits

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3) Misc interior bits

DSCN0238.JPG (332365 bytes)

4) Fog lights

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10) Blowers and ducting


DSCN0245.JPG (304104 bytes)

11) Engine covers


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7) Other shot of AC evaporator

DSCN0246.JPG (344661 bytes)

12) Alternator


DSCN0247.JPG (282621 bytes)

13) Misc Brake calipers, pads (even the 2 piece light weight URQ calipers)


DSCN0248.JPG (354481 bytes)

14) More engine bits

DSCN0249.JPG (285421 bytes)

15) Euro light housings


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16) Ac condensor


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22) Vacuum pump


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18) Sprockets


DSCN0253.JPG (313843 bytes)

19) Camshaft


DSCN0254.JPG (276036 bytes)

20) Euro light housings


DSCN0261.JPG (318075 bytes)

26) Engine


DSCN0266.JPG (346474 bytes)

31) Euro light housings


DSCN0268.JPG (329111 bytes)

33) the bomb

DSCN0269.JPG (298838 bytes)

34) more euro light pics


DSCN0271.JPG (378026 bytes)


37) Fuch magnesium wheels 38) whole leather interior  
I also have a good majority of the interior available as well (chocolate leather), but couldn't get shots of that as it is in storage. I will eventually have a few more bits for sale as I haven't totally stripped the car as of yet. If you don't see what you want, be patient and check back in the future as my project progresses.

When you email me (randrews@sbcglobal.net), please include the # of the photo along with which parts you want so I can appropriately keep track of everything.