Here you'll find links to some very good Audi sites full of great info along with a brief description of each. Website for information and discussion over just about any Audi in existence One of the best sites for tech info, especially on older Audis. They have a GREAT mailing list VW & Audi info. Good site for more info on both, press releases, tuners, etc PES - supercharger and other Audi upgrades A list of links to other vendors, parts, enthusiast sites Audi Performance and Racing - 1.8 Turbo upgrades and other performance stuff Jimmy Pribble's page dedicated the original S4 - he has links for other S4 stuff there Eric Fluhr's web page - UrQ and Coupe GT info there Austin's local Audi Club site and info (what a cool bunch of guys and gals!) Quattro Rocket Science - Austin's APR/PES/BIRA tuner San Antonio/Austin/Houston South Texas Audi Gruppe's site
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