The Green Machine - '83 urQ

I've always loved the Ur-Quattro for what it is and what it was.  It is a key piece of Audi's history, and it is the car that set new standards for high performance vehicles at the time.  Even now, the car is not really a slouch.  But I'm not here to ramble on about this car's history and lineage, there are plenty of other websites for that.  This is my project car.  It took just one ride in the Anderson's Ur-Q to realize I had to have one.  I wanted a car I could completely re-do, so I wasn't looking for a car in mint condition.  I found this one, and it had issues (don't they all though ;) It has some surface rust on some body parts but not bad.  That really didn't concern me as a good portion of the car is going to repainted anyway.  I'll be posting pics here as my work progresses on the car.
The following is a list of things I plan to do it to prepare it for a track only vehicle:
  • 1.8 Turbo engine - done up with APR Stage IV, Garret turbo, custom pistons, con rods, head work, balance and blue printing, front mount intercooler, oil cooler, etc.
  • Custom 3" straight pipe exhaust with a super-trapp muffler so I can at least drive it on the street
  • Gut the car - remove anything not necessary.  I am stripping the inside down to bare metal and then I will repaint it. 
  • Rewire the whole car and eliminate non essential items
  • Replace the windows with lexans
  • 17" SSR Competition wheels and track tires
  • Coilovers
  • Delrin sway bar bushings
  • 2 race seats and harness
  • Custom dash made from carbon fiber
  • Custom exterior decals done up in the Audi Sport theme
  • Brembo 13" brakes on the front, V8 rear brakes
  • Custom roll cage

So follow along the car's progress. It will be slow at time as the project is direct function of time money. See the following equation if you doubt me.  This has become a well know theorem to all those who own Ur-Qs:

(Ur-Q > $$$ + Time)

I dare you to disprove this theorem. ;-)

Pictures of the gutting progress

DSCN1197.JPG (336323 bytes) DSCN1199.JPG (337180 bytes) DSCN1198.JPG (336109 bytes) DSCN1180.JPG (277054 bytes) DSCN1174.JPG (316987 bytes)

Process on the Ur-Q has recommenced after summer has relented on it's heat wave here in Texas.  Here are some more pics, others will be soon to follow.  Since the last shots, I have removed 95% of the wiring, removed everything in the engine bay, except the engine and steering rack for the most part, removed the windows except the front and rear windshield.  I can no easily finish stripping the inside of the car.  I have a roll cage on the way for it, so once that is done, I will start assembling that in the car I think. 

DSCN0111.JPG (304506 bytes) DSCN0113.JPG (298965 bytes) DSCN0115.JPG (318436 bytes) DSCN0118.JPG (324860 bytes) DSCN0119.JPG (312485 bytes)

Summer has moved on....thank God.  I can now start the project up again.  I have removed the engine and transmission now.  Time to finish stripping rust and paint and get it ready to weld in the roll cage and repaint the engine bay and interior.  Just a couple quick shots for now.

DSCN0276.JPG (311132 bytes) DSCN0277.JPG (316643 bytes)

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